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I teach both survey courses and more specialized courses in film studies and literature. Some of the recent courses in film studies that I have taught include Film Authors: Coen Brothers, Film Theory, Film History (online and in-person), World Cinema, Film Authors: Alfred Hitchcock, and Film Authors: Hollywood Renaissance.  In the area of literature, I have taught courses including British Literature I (Anglo-Saxon to Restoration literature), British Literature II (Romantic to contemporary literature), World Literature (both ancient and contemporary), and a course centered on Shakespeare’s plays.

During summer 2019 I had the opportunity to lead a study abroad trip to the U.K. with my UNA colleague Dr. Cheryl Price. We offered two courses to our study abroad students: research methods and literary London.

An image from Ernst Lubitsch’s The Smiling Lieutenant (1931), a film that I have used in film courses and as a central text in my research on libertine masculinity

Sample syllabus: Film Authors: Coen Brothers (300-level course)

Sample syllabus: Film Authors: Hollywood Renaissance (300-level course)

Sample syllabus: Film History (300-level course) history-of-film-syllabus-spring-2017

Sample syllabus: Film Authors: Hitchcock (300-level course) Film authors syllabus

Sample syllabus: World Literature II (200-level course) World Literature II syllabus

Sample syllabus: World Cinema (300-level course) world-cinema-syllabus-spring-2017

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