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My last major creative project was my book titled Of Moose and Me: Animal Tales from an Alaskan Childhood, published by Corpus Callosum Press in spring 2019.  The book is a memoir told through animals, featuring poems and nonfiction stories about the creatures, wild and domestic, with whom I grew up in Alaska.  From stories of kissing moose to sledding ptarmigans to a dog who won’t stop chasing the Alaska Railroad, the collection brings a world of eccentric animals and magical landscapes to life.  The book is available from websites including Amazon and Barnes & Noble, the Corpus Callosum Press website, and from select independent bookstores.

“With their mixture of grace and ungainliness, moose gave me some of my earliest memories of delight.  For instance, one of my greatest springtime treats was seeing the moose calves with their plush brown fur, ranging from light fawn to deep chestnut, lingering close to the flanks of their mothers as they grazed on the first new shoots of the willow trees, their supple muzzles moving over the soft green, their dark lips reaching for the tender shoots.”

Excerpt from Of Moose and Me: Animal Tales from an Alaskan Childhood

To read a more extensive excerpt from the book (the introduction, the short story “A Moose Named, Yes, Bullwinkle,” and the poem “Metamorphosis”) click the Download button.

You can also listen to select excerpts from the book below:

“A Moose Named, Yes, Bullwinkle”

You can buy the book on Amazon.com at this link: https://www.amazon.com/Moose-Me-Animal-Alaskan-Childhood/dp/0999686941/ref=sr_1_1?keywords=of+moose+and+me%3A+animal+tales+from+an+alaskan+childhood&qid=1565466519&s=books&sr=1-1

You can find more information on the book at the Corpus Callosum website.https://www.corpuscallosumpress.com/k-brenna-wardell

You can find a review of Moose from Don Noble, book reviewer for Alabama Public Radio, here: https://www.apr.org/post/moose-and-me-animal-tales-alaskan-childhood-k-brenna-wardell

1,001 Jobs: Women Tell Stories About Work and Life

My next creative work, titled 1,000 Jobs: Women Tell Stories About Work and Life, is a collection of humorous stories about women at work, told by me and a group of diverse women with witty and self-revealing stories to tell. The collection will mix literary forms, combining poems, short stories, photos, and other media to convey women’s relationship with work.

“The toga keeps slipping. Here I am, a not-young woman in a new city, back in school after years in the working world, standing awkwardly in a group of highly articulate and socially assured twenty-somethings while wearing a toga that is not only bright yellow but won’t stay up regardless of my tugging. What the heck am I doing?”

My story “ABC, aka Anything But Clothes” from 1,001 Jobs: Women Tell Story About Work and Life

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